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Team Building Workshop .

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Gallery 202 Team building Workshops are specially designed with you to provide an atmosphere of fun, cooperation, learning and building a better workplace environment.  Through art, team members learn how to create a special piece of art for your office space.


1.  Please provide a final number of team members to the gallery 7 days before the workshop. If you are having more than one team, indicate if you want them to all attend or to do different days.
2. All team members must show up before we begin.  If a person comes in late, they will not be able to join in the fun.
3. You may provide drinks/snacks of your choice.  Please allow time for eating - but eating/drinking is allowed during the activity.
4. There is a pre and post test.
5 .  Each team is to pick an artist of their choice or style of art. The final artwork will be in the "style of" the choosen artist. - The gallery must know the artist choice in advance of the team as this determines the supplies we will need.
6.  Each team member will work on an individual canvas but group consensus will determined the final end product with all canvases included.  Wear appropriate clothing as paint is not washable and will stain.
7.  The final product is yours!  Results of the pre and post test will be given to the organization.

Cost  start at $250/5 members.  Art supplies are included.  Depending upon additional members, an additional charge may be assessed per person of $25/each.   Participants agree to being photographed for gallery use.   We do request a $150 non refundable down payment to help with supplies and to hold your space. We will come to your office for groups larger than 12-15/persons. For groups up to 12-15, we can use the studio space or come to your office.

Gallery 202, 13 E College Ave.., Westerville, Ohio  43081      614-890-8202

Samples from cut squares to Monet to Warhol to cave drawings and more.

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