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Community Mural Projects

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st ann concept

Mt Carmel St. Ann Reflection Garden Mural - Summer 2008

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St. Ann's will celebrate 100th anniversary with mural
Published: Thursday, July 10, 2008 3:11 PM EDT

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In celebration of its centennial, Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital will soon have its own Uptown-like mural.
Painted by local artist Renee Kropat, the 40-by-20-foot painting will be located between 477 and 495 Cooper Road on the back of one of the hospital's medical office buildings........................


W.A.R.M. Mural- Summer 2007

A special mural to help volunteers donate food to the new Westerville Area Resource Ministry food bank drop boxes.

Brittany H.

Erin McKenna
graffiti art!

Gallery 202 Interior Murals- Fall-Winter 2007

The interior of Gallery 202 physical space is undergoing some great fun changes. Murals created by volunteers are adding an element of fun and surprise in the gallery.

Brittany Hauptman, a volunteer from Nationwide, completed an interior mural for the gallery. The 1950th kitchen adds an air of fun and nostalgia.

Erin McKenna, a honor student from Westerville North created a special wall for the starving artists. Brick walls and graffati....a perfect back ground for our classes.

Gallery 202 co-op mural - Summer 2005

Thanks to a talented Volunteer, Katie Fowle, Gallery 202 co-op has a special mural in the style of Peter Max on the staircase leading to the second floor.

Westerville Grill - Summer 2005

While enjoying a warm day on the patio of this local Uptown restaurant, immerse yourself in remembering the past.

Westerville Automotive - Summer 2005

Re-visit a 1950's drive in theatre in olde Uptown Westerville.

Uptown Mural Project - Amish Originals 2004

Uptown Design Award - May 2006

In July 2003, the first picture of the exterior wall of the Amish Originals Furnishing Co. (North) was taken to begin the process in creating a community mural. With the help of the host store (Amish Originals), several local artists, the local history department of Westerville's library and approval by the Uptown Review Board, Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. was able to begin the coordination of Westerville's first community mural.

The 1910 depiction of early Westerville was created by local artists with many suggestions from the community. The base design is the facade of the Amish Originals North Store front. The initial design was transferred as a linear drawing so that the novice artist would feel comfortable painting in between the lines.

A special First Brush Strokes painting event was held on June 25, 2004. During this event, Mayor Mike Hyeck, Police Chief Mike Clancy, Fire Chief Pete Wilms, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Janet Davis, Uptown Review Board Chair, Bill Bishop and Community involved member, Gene Brunton were honored with the pleasure of painting on the first brush strokes of color on the mural.

Over the next twelve weeks, over one hundred local artists of all ages and abilities contributed to the mural. Artists from Illinois and Florida, artists as young as 4 years old to 87 years young, all helped to create this vision of community pride.

Over 10 gallons of paint, 10 additional pints, 10 basic colors, more than 70 brushes and one major paint spill marked the progress. Although professional artists helped to unite the image, many original paint marks completed by children and novices alike were preserved. In particular, check out the fruit stand and the Children's Art Garden.

One of the young artists, Marcella, found a poem written specifically about Westerville. Tucked behind the wooden structure, look for a poem about the signing of a Westerville document in the early 1900's.

Sponsorships for the mural were sought by local community businesses and individuals to help fund the mural or provided in-kind donations (unlimited coffee!). Their contributions are recognized as images within the mural itself.

The mural was completed in mid September, 2004 and presented to the community during the Gallery for a Day event. September 18, 2004.

Besides the sponsors names:

1. How many animals were painted on the mural?
2. How many stars are on the 1910 American flag?
3. Who is stealing?
4. What is the reflection image in the window?
5. What is the symbol for on the upstairs man's jacket?
6. What are the intials of the Project Manager?
7. Who wrote the poem?

Pasquales Mural - Summer 2004

Special thanks to Kate Ball who designed the special interior public mural. This mural is located in the entryway of Pasquales Pizza & Pasta House in Uptown Westerville. Due to construction, the mural was partially destroyed - 1/2 of the mural remains