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Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. -a non-profit arts organization, 501.c3 status

614-890-8202 Donations

Days/hours for our older artists

We are on an extended holiday

Saturdays 10-11:30 am


We reserve the right to not accept students if registration is full. Gallery 202 or its affiltiates will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of property while on the gallery premises or during classroom activities. Photographs of the students may be used for promotional needs unless specified “not to photograph” in writing to the gallery. Refunds are not give for absenses or unused Value/Punch Cards . Check with the gallery for closed days/holiday schedule. Refunds not given for closed days/holiday.


Creative Minds Junior

13 E. College Ave.

Saturday Classes are closed.

Thanks to everyone who played with us.

Creative Minds Junior Studio

for artists 7-12 years

Our Creative Minds Junior Studio is an art experience designed to build confidence in self-expression, support individual growth, by providing opportunities to experiment and grow under guidance and open instruction. Individuality is encouraged.

To give your young artists the best experience, please let us know likes:
Painting, Sculpting/ 3D, Fabric/sewing, Drawing media,Anything, just likes to explore/other

The artist space is filled with a variety of art mediums/medias. A monthly theme is only a starting point for each young artist to grow and experience the arts. All art supplies are provided. Students may work on projects of their own choosing with guidance and instructions.