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Annual Chair is Art Exhibit
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Chair is Art -Due to the changes, we are no longer able to showcase artists/exhibits. When a business lost their space,they owned ours and we had to move.

Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. is a non-profit art organization that specializes in community art programs for all ages and encourages the interaction between Artists, Patrons and Businesses.

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Delaware Arts Academy and Art Safe, Columbus are using art to help students at risk. Both organizations have taken the Chair is Art Exhibit for 2011 and made it a part of their on going programs. Chairs created by students are on display through the month of April 2011.

Art Safe required their students to create 4 chairs that relate to the seasons. Instructions included what supplies must be used and for the students to figure out the color schemes that would be represent their season. ArtSafe is dedicated to changing the lives of troubled kids through the arts.

Delaware Arts Academy chairs represent a wide variety of abilities and personal reactions. A de-constructed chair included 5 pictures that show how the chair was deconstructed. A six foot tall giraffe made from a bench and a purple monster with a stool as its base are whimsical additions to the exhibit. Students created a texture chair that they thought children with austism would like and could benefit from sitting in it. One student had stopped coming to school, but when approached to help create a chair artwork, has returned to school. The Arts Academy is an alternative high school program that provides comprehensive services for high school students ages 14-17.

Sale of the chairs teaches the students about math (determining costs) and basic business practices.

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Chairs from 2009

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chair chair chair chair chair chair chair

2008 Chair is Art

chair chair chair chair chair chair chair

Row 1: September 2th, Bear-ly, Guitar, Chairperson, Camouflage, Chairination, Live/Death
chair chair chair chair chair chair chair

Row 2: Nap Time, Neon, NYC, Yum Yum, Pimp my chair, Psalms, Steve's chair

chair chair chair chair chair

Row: Tweeter Town, Flowers, Gater, Zebra, Sister your chair awaits you, Lion King, Chakras, Orange Barrel

Chair is Art' back for April is Arts Month

The original article can be found here or read below

SNP - Westerville News and Public Opinion
Published: Wednesday, April 2, 2008 9:07 AM EDT

You might want to sit down for this one: After a one-year hiatus, Chair is Art has returned to Gallery 202.

Renee Kropat, executive director of Gallery 202, said she discontinued the community art exhibit because interest seemed to be dwindling in 2006, the exhibit's sixth year.

"But after I didn't do it, people asked me about it," she said, laughing.

Chair is Art is again sponsored by Partners in Art Inc., a nonprofit art organization that specializes in community art programs for all ages.

As of Friday, March 28, Kropat said 11 chairs had already been delivered to the gallery -- located on the second floor of the Amish Originals building -- and she'd been told there were several more on the way.

"We'll probably have a couple dozen in all," she said. "Lots of times they just show up in the end, and we accept them. We don't turn any chair away."

The idea of the exhibit is transforming function into beauty.

"You take something like an everyday piece of furniture and turn it into something artistic," Kropat said.

The exhibition of art chairs, which opens today, April 2, coincides with the third annual April is Arts Month, a month-long celebration of the arts in Westerville.

Among this year's entries are again many from the Delaware Arts Academy, an alternative school for kids who are not reaching their potential in a traditional high school setting.

Pimp My Chair, takes its cues from the MTV television show Pimp My Ride, Kropat said. On the show, beat-up cars are redone inside and out with high-tech gear and other luxuries.

"It's a chair from an old car that he has 'pimped' up," Kropat said.

A collaged chair depicts Rafiki, the wise baboon character from Disney's movie, The Lion King.

Crystal Kalinke, who teaches art for a local co-operative of homeschool parents, led her class in creating a chair that depicts the theme "Light of the World."

"We wanted our piece to be a witness to what our group stands for -- showing God's love," Kalinke said.

The students, kindergartners through third-graders, painted the chair with bright colors and plastered a candle on the chair along with miniature Bible.

Kalinke appreciated the public nature of the exhibit.

"I just want my students now to get a taste of community art and be involved in a collaborative piece," she said.

The free exhibit runs this month at Gallery 202, 38 N. State St. The galley is open from noon to 7 p.m. Wednesdays, 2 to 4 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays and from noon to 3 p.m. Saturdays.

Among the numerous other events scheduled in conjunction with April is Arts month is a writing contest sponsored by the News & Public Opinion and the Westerville Public Library. Winners will be announced at a special reception at the library April 20, and the winning entries will be published in the newspaper.

Seniors from each Westerville's three high schools who participate in dance, music or theater will be recognized in a display at the Community Center beginning April 5.

The Senior Art Exhibit at the Westerville Community Center begins Thursday, April 3 with an opening reception from 7 to 9 p.m. The artwork will remain on display until April 14.

Student art exhibits at the Westerville Public Library and the Westerville Community Center will showcase the artwork of Westerville elementary and secondary students, respectively. A public reception is scheduled for Saturday, April 5 at 1 p.m. at the Westerville Public Library recognizing elementary students in the Art from the Heart exhibit.

PAST Annual Chair is Art, 2006

This Week press release
SNP Press Release
Our judge was Jim Bowling, Otterbein 3 D art professor for the past three years. He judged the artwork on technique, use of materials and how well they fit the concept. The number of prizes are determined by the number of entries. We have Best of Show and First Place for student and for adult.


Best of Show, Linda L

First Place for Adults - Dana

First Place Students - Jacob

Annual Chair is Art Exhibit First Prize Winner -2005


Chair art requirements

The "Chair is Art" community event is designed to create an opportunity for classroom or group teachers/leaders, businesses , artists, and art patrons to combine art with every day life.
1. Open to any individual, group, organization, school, church, etc.
2. Deadline date is March 17/08 - but teachers/group leaders may submit a letter of intent if unable to complete a 'chair' due to classroom schedules.
3. Entry fee is $5 per chair for students (preschool-12 grade) and $10 per chair for adults
4. Deliver chair during regular open hours

What Chair?!

Genoa Chair Examples

The chair can be built from scratch, renovated or created using any materials as long as the final chair can withstand a day long viewing. It does not have to be a functional chair when completed, size can vary greatly and creativity is up to the creator. Couches, benches, bike seats, childrens size chairs etc. are all possible. Theme art for the chair is open - relate it to math, memories, social issues etc.

This year we are pleased to include and wall hanging art - paintings, textiles, paper works etc. Each piece is required to have appropriate hanging


Several of our past participants have used their chair entries for other exhibitions. Katie Robinette has had two of her past chairs/benches used for the two years Holiday Cards for Karlsberger Architecture Inc, Columbus, OH. Of 21 entries, only 4 were accepted.

Michele Stone's minature copper bench was accepted in the 2002 Ohio State Fair Art exhibition.