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Westerville Music & Arts Festival Benches
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Westerville Music & Arts Festival Benches- Due to the changes, we are no longer able to showcase artists/exhibits. When a business lost their space,they owned ours and we had to move.

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Our new experiment was a success! look at the benches that were created by UCP of Central Ohio.

UCP of Central Ohio
Phone: 614.279.0109

They were all silent auctioned off - to raise over $1000 with partial proceeds returning to the UCP of Central Ohio. Thank you to all who created and bidded on these benches.

2007, we are trying something different. Craters and Freighters is supplying us with small benches for the community to paint. United Cerebral Palsy Center has 15 of these small benches to paint just for this event.

Westerville Music & Arts Festival Art Benches

This bench was created by local artist Nikki Freeman - the bench now resides in the hallway of
Gallery 202, Co-op. Come visit!

Bench art requirements

Since 2001, local artists have been providing functional benches to be used during the Westerville Music and Arts Festival, second full weekend in July of each year. Each bench is created to the artist own whims but must be able to seat a minimum of 3 people.

The bench may advertise the creating artist or group sponsoring the bench - we encourage this.

Create or fabricate a bench that is functional and will support active use during the two day event.

Entry Form informaton

Entry information Due mid June each year, Entry fee: TBA and Donations accepted.

Deliver the bench on Friday, am to Heritage Park, corner of Cleveland and Main Street in Westerville. Depending on the size and weight of the bench, you may leave it at the entrance to the park or we may wish you to place it directly to it's site.

Benches need to be picked up on Sunday evening - best after 6pm or when the artist's have left the area.