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Gallery 202 Teaching Class Agreement

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Gallery 202 Teacher Agreement - Yearly Contract - subject to change

1. All classes must be scheduled in advance to avoid over scheduling a. More than one class may be held in the gallery but only with prior approval. Classes/workshops over 10-12 people need prior approval, so we can make sure there is enough space.

2. Class registration process.
a. Instructors may take in their own monies.
b. If Gallery 202 is to take in class monies/reservation, The agreed upon gallery % is non refundable for cancellations that occur within one week of schedule class unless the gallery closes/cancels the class.
c. Gallery 202 has the option to discontinue any contract if there are 3 cancellations of class/event over a three month time frame resulting in lost of monies or difficulty in scheduling classes.
d. Teachers are responsible for contacting their students if canceling class and to notify the gallery. Instructors may opt to include phone or emails and if possible, the gallery will help to call/email any cancellations time permitting.

3. All class instructors pay ___% (minimum-30%) of their gross class fees (including tips) - can rent by the hour too.
a. if instructor takes in fees, payment to the Gallery payment is due at the first class.
b. All instructors must keep an attendance sheet in the gallery and list all students,
c. All instructors must set up and take down their classroom and include that time in their request for hours to avoid scheduling problems.
d. If gallery takes in monies, instructor/gallery determine pay date.

4. There is limited storage and gallery is not responsible for lost/use. Gallery supplies may be used but please if an item is used up - replace it if appropriate. And we have lots of fun stuff to use up - from paints, drawing supplies to the just plain crazy!

5. Original artwork in the gallery is copyrighted to the artist and cannot be copied without prior consent. Any direct copy of any artistís artwork can not be sold.

6. The gallery will promote any class in its general press, web site and will take sign ups for each class and pass along directly to the instructor or take registrations if agreed upon. Instructors are responsible for follow up. Instructors are encouraged to leave promotional material in the gallery.

7. This contract is good for one year from the date of signing. The gallery is not responsible for any loss/damage to any supplies or injury to the teacher/presenter. Each teacher is responsible for their own insurance and should have a disclaimer waiver for each class.

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