How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Throughout the world, there is an increase in the number of locksmith scams. Almost every single one of these scams is known to target home and car owners whenever they’re most vulnerable.  

Typically, almost every individual thinks they’re doing the right thing by looking for a local locksmith online. Well, that is not the case. The reason for this is that most locksmith scammers are just copying real local locksmiths. These scammers don’t have their own local shop.  

Fortunately for you, there are ways to avoid locksmith and slotenmaker Gent scams. Here are some of them: 

Hire a True Local Locksmith 

Performing advance research is one of the greatest ways you can utilize to know if a locksmith is real or not. Make sure that you call these locksmiths and ask them several questions. Checking their client reviews is also one great way. 

If a locksmith answers your calls with a standard phrase, then you have to be cautious. Usually, locksmith scams use phrases such as “locksmith services” instead of their specific name. Search for another locksmith if this is the case for you. To confirm their location, always ask the company their address.  

Verify the ID and License of the Locksmith 

After a locksmith arrives at your location, you have to make sure you always ask for their ID right away. For those who do not know, there are only 15 states in the United States that require locksmith licensing. So, if a person works or advertises as a locksmith without having the correct credentials, then it makes it a criminal offense.  

In addition to that, any locksmith that’s legitimate will always ask for your ID. With that, they can always verify if you are really unlocking your own home or car.  

If a locksmith shows up with a mobile unit with a different business name from the one you hired, then you have to look for another one. Also, you should always be wary of a locksmith with an unbranded mobile unit. 

Ask for a Cost Estimate 

For those who don’t know, locksmith scams usually use call centers. Whenever you contact them, they will quote you a price of around $15 up to $45. You have to be wary of this because this is a bait-and-switch method. They will bait you with a low price and then they will increase it once the job is done, claiming that the job is more complicated. If a locksmith advertises you a service cost of around $15 up to $45, then there’s a high possibility that it is a scam. 

Do not hire any locksmith that does not offer any estimate when you ask for it. 

Ask for Additional Fees 

It’s vital to ask for extra fees for things such as mileage, emergency hours, or service call minimums. In addition to that, a locksmith scammer may also claim that you have to change your lock since it is outdated. If this is the case, don’t fall for it. They will usually sell you a low-quality lock replacement for a high price.