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Gallery 202, Partners in Art,Inc.
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Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. -a non-profit arts organization, 501.c3 status

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    For all of those who have been wondering about the gallery programs - sorry for being absent but after a wonderful vacation with my family, I realized I was ready to retire and at the current time have decided to let the space go and concentrate on my own art. I however never know what I may be doing in the future. Will keep you posted!



    Uptown Merchant Website
    is sponsored by Gallery 202 and has lots of current events/activities for Uptown.



    A Monroe Courtright Community Service Award: SNP Article

    Monroe Courtright was the Owner/Editor of The Westerville Public Opinion.  He was known throughout the community not only for his professional life but also for his incredible desire to serve the Westerville Community.  He was a member of the Westerville Rotary Club and when he passed away in 1977, the club created the A.Monroe Courtright Community Service Award to honor him.  The award has continued for the past 31 years to recognize a community members who emulates Rotary’s Motto of "Service Above Self"and a commitment to Westerville.

    This Year, one of Uptown’s own was recognized.  Renee J Kropat from Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. received this award last Thursday at the Regular meeting of the Westerville Rotary Noon Club Meeting.    "It’s an honor and a surprise.  My contributions to the community are really small steps but Westerville is a great place to live and work!  Helping in small ways is important to me and fun! Thank you!"


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